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Clean Break? Not if you have children....

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Many years ago when someone said ‘I do’ it was for life. If a couple’s relationship took a turn for the worse, couples would work on their relationship and not just run to their nearest solicitor. This of course left many people trapped in...

Thinking of separating? What should my first step be?

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When the Christmas cheer does not continue into the New Year! The festive period and January can be a difficult time of year for families. Couples who have already separated may have issues in relation to agreeing Christmas contact...

Why do marriages breakdown?

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New results of a Matrimonial Survey in 2017 have been issued by Grant Thornton who report that the top 3 reasons why marriages breakdown are; 1. Growing apart/falling out of love (25%) 2. Extra-marital affairs (21%) 3. Unreasonable or...