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A new Alzheimer's Society report

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Eighty percent of people living in care homes - more than ever thought before - have either dementia or severe memory problems according to a new Alzheimer’s Society report called “Low Expectations.”

However, while excellent care exists, less than half of these 322,000 people are enjoying a good quality of life.

“Low Expectations” finds evidence of a deep-seated pessimism about life in care homes. Only 41 percent of relatives surveyed by Alzheimer’s Society reported that their loved ones enjoyed good quality of life.

The report also reveals the severe image crisis facing the care sector. According to a YouGov public poll commissioned by the charity, 70 percent of UK adults say they would be fairly or very scared of going into a care home. In addition, two thirds (64 percent) do not feel the sector is doing enough to tackle abuse in care homes. The charity argues that public attitudes and scepticism about whether people with dementia enjoy a good quality of life in a care home is leading to a failure to drive up standards of care. Alzheimer’s Society is calling on Government and care homes to work together to lift expectations and to strengthen existing minimum standards to boost quality of life.