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Ageing population

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Britain’s dramatically ageing population is becoming a growing concern after experts said the country is ‘worryingly underprepared.’ A Lords committee has been canvassing a series of experts about the issue, with many of them warning about the scale of the challenge the country will face.

It is s thought that by 2030 the number of over-65s will have increased by 50%, while the number of over-85s will have doubled. Professor Sarah Harper from the University of Oxford predicted that half of the children born since 2007 will live beyond 103. She also estimated that 8 million people alive now will make it to a century. When the complete findings are revealed next month, the Lords Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change will warn that the ageing population will put pressure on the NHS, the care system and other public services.

A number of experts included in the inquiry have highlighted that the UK has not done enough so far to make sure public services are organised in a ‘robust and efficient way’ ahead of the challenge.