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Crombie Wilkinson gives family mediation practice a boost

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 We have renamed our current family mediation practice as Your Family First from 7th September 2015.

We are also offering a wealth of useful free advice online to local families plus new coaching services. The firm hopes to set an example with this nurturing approach in contrast to what is typically seen as an intimidating and costly experience.

‘Divorce can cost families thousands of pounds in unnecessary legal fees and cause huge emotional stress on all involved,’ explains Chris Myles, a family mediator at Crombie Wilkinson. ‘What’s more, recent changes in the law mean that all couples going through a divorce have to see a mediator before their financial case or children matter case can be consider by the court. We believe mediation at the start of the divorce process is in the best interests of all parties, particularly if there are children involved, and it will typically save a couple 6k in legal costs.’

Under the Your Family First banner, we have created a range of leaflets for families; that go well beyond traditional legal advice. These provide information on what mediation is, the process involved, how to sort out finances, how to give children a voice, helping teenagers and grandparents through the process, how to introduce a new partner to children, creating on going parenting plans and what happens after mediation. We even offer a coaching service with a qualified, legally experienced life coach to help individuals plan for the future.

‘Divorce is a very emotional time. Trying to understand the complications of the divorce process can be overwhelming. Through Your Family First, we are trying to make it simple with a more family-centred approach than you may typically experience in a legal environment,’ Myles says.

Family mediation is not just suitable for divorce. It can be used with any family dispute including child arrangements, parenting plans, estate settlements after the death of a loved one or financial disputes.

Legal Aid is available to those who qualify. For more information visit our family mediation page or call Your Family First on 01904 697760.