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Older people's housing overlooked

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Older people’s housing needs are being ignored in the government’s housing strategy, in favour of families and young professionals. The shortage of retirement homes in the UK is overlooked entirely in the government’s latest proposals and the Get Britain Building plans. The latest census figures reveal that one in six people in England and Wales, 16.4% of the population, are aged over 65 a figure that will rise to 19 million by 2050. Why is the government ignoring this demographic? The government wants a large scale building project to build more family homes, threatening the future of our green belt, when 8 million people are living in under-occupied accommodation. Many under-occupied homes are owned by older people who could move out if suitable, affordable, retirement property was available and they were offered incentives by the government to do so. Moving out would enable them to release capital to fund their retirement needs too.
(Source: The Guardian)