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Raising money for charity at the York 10K run

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Congratulations to all our staff who ran in the Jane Tomlinson 10K run in York on Sunday 5 August 2012.

We are pleased to say that they all made it to the finish line and some of our runners ran the race in personal best times which was very impressive.   

Howard Webb, the world cup final referee, was there at the start along with Mike Tomlinson who said the 10k was particularly poignant this year as it was taking place during the Olympics and Jane had campaigned for the games to be in England.

It was a great experience running 10K the morning after Mo Farah won the gold medal for running the same distance in 27 minutes makes you realise quite how good these athletes are.

Our runners raised much needed funds for the worthwhile causes of Macmillan Cancer Support and for Sane under the Yorkshire Law Society banner.

Well done to everyone involved in the race. It was a great experience and we hope to do it again next year.