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Spending on care

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At a time when the number of people past retirement age has been growing faster than at any point in history, the numbers receiving any help from the state for their everyday care needs has dropped sharply.
According to figures collated by the charity Age UK, the proportion of the retired population of England receiving care has fallen by a third in the last five years. 

It provides a stark illustration of how, despite efforts by councils to shield care for the elderly and disabled from the full impact of austerity cuts, existing services are being rationed to all but those with the most severe needs. Councils have seen their overall budgets slashed by almost 30 per cent since the Coalition came to power in an effort to reduce the national deficit. They have responded by squeezing spending on care services ranging from help with basic tasks such as washing and dressing for those living at home to full nursing care by about a fifth, or £2.7 billion, over the last three years.
(Source: The Telegraph)