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Survey of Care Home residents

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Survey of Care Home Residents
The UK’s largest survey of care home residents, Your Care Rating, announced in February the results for its 2014 annual survey. The survey looks at the views of over 20,000 residents who take part in it from 29 different care home providers in more than 1,000 care homes. Each care home is awarded an Overall Performance Rating (OPR) out of 1,000. The national average score this year was 872 with scores ranging between 631 and 995.

Care providers in the North East received the highest regional average of 886, followed by the North West which scored an average of 880. This contrasts with London which received the lowest regional average score of 863.

The national average scores across the survey’s four main themes were: staff and care, 871; home comforts, 852; choice and having a say, 854; and quality of life, 922. However, the high and low scores varied considerably across the themes, for example for home comforts the scores ranged between 454 and 996.

You can see more about individual care homes as well as the scope and methodology of this survey by going to: