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Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors – Our team. At your side

At Crombie Wilkinson we care about our clients; now and for their future.

This is why when you become a client of Crombie Wilkinson, we enrol you into our Client Club, which offers many benefits including our Service Pledge.

Our Client Club gives you the peace of mind that we are committed to looking after you and your family. By taking the time to understand your personal circumstances, we will work hard to ensure your affairs are in order to prevent possible problems and mitigate risks which may come up in later life.

We call this part of the Client Club service our ‘Platform’. Our promise is to make sure all our clients are on our Platform, benefiting from proactive engagement with us so we can provide you with the ongoing care and assistance we pride ourselves on delivering.

Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Service Pledge

We will work together as a team to deliver an excellent client experience for you.

To achieve this we will:

  • listen and care about you and your circumstances
  • treat you politely, considerately and with respect
  • work with you as a team so you come to know and trust us
  • update you regularly using plain language
  • work hard to avoid delays
  • contact you should unforeseen events happen
  • ensure there are no surprises on costs
  • take on board your feedback so we can continuously improve our service

For more information contact a member of our team.