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Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors is one of the few law firms in North Yorkshire to offer commercial mediation services. Our professional mediator, Neil Largan, strives to ensure disputes are settled without the need for costly and slow court actions. 

If you need any of our commercial mediation services, please do not hesitate to contact our professional commercial mediator, Neil Largan.

Crombie Wilkinson firmly believe that heading to court should be the last resort and claims should not be issued prematurely until other dispute methods have been explored and explained in detail. Commercial mediation services are one such way to reach a compromise that prevents a dispute from escalating down a costlier route.


How can a mediator help your business?

Commercial mediation helps businesses resolve disagreements quickly so that their staff can focus on core business operations. It is an essential service for any business as it encourages a more positive working environment and also keeps the business protected from potential legal actions.

Our commercial mediators can be with you - virtually or in person - ready to help with every aspect of business mediation.

Contact our commercial mediator, Neil Largan.

Our mediation services

Our commercial mediation services are flexible, varied and tailored to suit unique business needs. Our services involve a voluntary and non-binding resolution process and act as a way to get people talking, airing concerns and reaching a conclusion that benefits all parties involved.

Mediation is a tried and tested technique which has gained interest in recent years.

Our commercial (business) mediation services include:

We have utilised our commercial mediation expertise to help businesses across all industries within the UK. For more information on our specialist mediation services, please contact Neil Largan.


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