Dispute Solicitors

A dispute can quickly escalate and cause a whole range of seemingly unnecessary problems for businesses and individuals alike. Our goal is to ensure any type of dispute is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst also being as cost-effective as possible.

We act for private, public and institutional clients offering a range of dispute resolution services in North Yorkshire and beyond.

Our areas of expertise include:

Employment Disputes

An employment dispute can be a stressful time for both the employer and the employee. At Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, we deal with a range of employment disputes and can help to resolve situations quickly.

Services for Schools

Whether it’s a late payment of school fees or an employment dispute, we have a specialist team in place offering a full range of legal services to schools in North Yorkshire and further afield.


Our regulatory law department offers both business and private client licensing dispute services. This could involve taxi licensing, shotgun licensing and much more.

Boundary Disputes

It’s never easy when you’re battling a boundary dispute with your neighbour. Our efficient services can help to settle these tricky disputes as swiftly as possible.

Contractual Disputes

Internal employment disputes are often due to contractual agreements being challenged. Our employment law team can offer legal advice on settling contractual disputes.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

A commercial dispute can escalate to a very stressful and complex situation. We’re here to step in and take the necessary legal action needed to resolve the situation.

Commercial Arbitration

When we settle commercial disputes we can assist with commercial arbitration too; allowing a neutral person to come to a conclusion and settle the dispute.

Director/Partner Disputes

Working together isn’t always easy, so when you and your business partner have a dispute you need it sorting promptly minimising any impact on your business. We can help with both director and partner disputes.

Property Litigation

Whatever property dispute you have, our property litigation team can work with you to settle it. We work with landlords and tenants on a range of commercial property disputes.

Mortgage Possession

We can advise accordingly on mortgage possession claims, where the borrower’s mortgage payments are in arrears and the borrower faces losing their home.

Rent Possession Cases

Rent arrears may mean your landlord is seeking possession of the property and he may try to evict you - we can advise both landlords and tenants with appropriate legal advice.

Debt Collection

When a commercial dispute escalates, our legal team may be contacted to take it further and start the debt recovery process.

Intellectual Property Disputes

If you have an intellectual property dispute, you need a specialist dispute resolution team that can offer advice on the licensing and protection of all forms of intellectual property.

Landlord and Tenant

When the relationship between a landlord and tenant becomes strained, a dispute can arise which can lead to serious consequences. Speak to our legal team if you have a landlord or tenant dispute.

Landlord and Tenant Matters

Are you a landlord or a tenant? There’s a lot to know about your legal rights and our team can advise on a range of tenancy matters. As a landlord, we’ll make sure you’re legally covered with your property. Tenants can also rest assured we’ll advise accordingly on their legal obligations when renting a property.

Contentious Probate

When someone doesn’t leave a Will, the deceased’s estate is processed through Probate. Unfortunately, this can often result in a dispute over the asset value and beneficiaries. We will work with you to minimise contentious probate issues.

If you need a dispute resolving by understanding, experienced solicitors in North Yorkshire, call our Dispute Resolution team today.


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