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A dispute can quickly escalate and cause a whole range of seemingly unnecessary problems for businesses and individuals alike. Our goal is to ensure any type of dispute is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst also being as cost-effective as possible.

How does Dispute Resolution work?

Where possible, our team of dispute resolution solicitors will help you resolve any legal disputes without the need of progressing to court proceedings. This can either be through pre-action meetings, mediation, or arbitration – processes we will guide you through.

If court cannot be avoided, we will protect your best interests and help resolve the dispute to your satisfaction.

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Our team of dispute solicitors act for private, public and institutional clients offering a range of dispute resolution services in North Yorkshire and beyond. We are experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution law, including:

  • Litigation
  • Alternative dispute resolutions – mediation
  • Arbitration

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Our areas of expertise include:

Employment Disputes

An employment dispute can be a stressful time for both the employer and the employee. At Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, we deal with a range of employment disputes and can help to resolve situations quickly. Our employment services include redundancy and Compromise Agreements. Learn more about our employment dispute service here.

School Dispute Resolutions

Whether it’s a late payment of school fees or an employment dispute, we have a specialist team of solicitors for school disputes, offering a full range of legal services to schools in North Yorkshire and further afield.

Contract Disputes

Our dispute resolution solicitors can help you resolve contract disputes which can impact many aspects of running your business.
We will work with you to come to a quick and effective resolution to the dispute to avoid minimal disruption to your operations.


Agricultural disputes

Our team can provide legal advice to farming and agricultural business and landowners if you have a dispute. As one of only two law firms in the North East to be accredited with NFU Legal Panel Firm status, we have been approved to provide a wide range of legal advice and services to NFU members.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

A commercial dispute can escalate to a very stressful and complex situation. We’re here to step in and take the necessary legal action needed to resolve the situation.

Commercial Arbitration

When we settle commercial disputes we can assist with commercial arbitration too; allowing a neutral person to come to a conclusion and settle the dispute.

Commercial Mediation

Mediation is a way to reach a compromise that prevents a dispute escalating down a costlier route. Learn more about our mediation services here.

Director/Business Partner Disputes

Working together isn’t always easy, so when you and your business partner have a dispute you need it sorting promptly minimising any impact on your business. We can help with both director and business partner disputes.

Property Litigation

Whatever property dispute you have, our property litigation team can work with you to settle it. We work with landlords and tenants on a range of commercial property disputes.

Co-ownership Disputes

We advise on matters relating to Trust of Land & Appointment of Trustees Act (TOLATA), cohabitation disputes or other jointly owned land, forcing a sale and apportioning proceeds of a sale.

Debt Collection

When a commercial dispute escalates, our legal team may be contacted to take it further and start the debt recovery process. Learn more about our business debt collection services.

Residential Tenancy Problems

We act for private landlords and social housing providers. We can end Assured Shorthold Tenancies, 2 months notice section 21 or section 8 including rent arrears, nuisance or disrepair and removing squatters. 

Commercial Lease Issues

We can advise on ending tenancies, rent arrears, disrepair, nuisance, redevelopment or other issues. 

Contentious Probate

We can help if there is a claim or dispute regarding the distribution of a deceased's estate including a Will or inheritance dispute if someone does not feel their maintenance needs have been provided for or if the validity of a Will is challenged. We can also advise on deputyship disputes.

If you need a dispute resolving by understanding, experienced dispute solicitors in North Yorkshire, call and speak to a member of our Dispute Resolution team.

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