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Our Service Pledge

Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Service Pledge

We will work together as a team to deliver an excellent client experience for you.

To achieve this, we will:

  • listen and care about you and your circumstances
    • we will listen and deal with every query you have and provide you with reassurance.
    • we will respect your views and feelings.
  • treat you politely, considerately and with respect
    • we will always be courteous and welcoming on the telephone.
    • we will engage in a professional manner.
    • we will listen to you and direct your query where appropriate.
    • we will treat you with respect whether you are an external client or a colleague.
  • work with you as a team so you come to know and trust us
    • we will make sure that if one person is not available, another can assist.
    • we will make sure that all members of a team understand their role and their duty to the client.
    • we will ensure that we update each other as to delays so that, as a team we can provide you with the best service.
    • we will care about other members of our team so that they care about you.
  • update you regularly using plain language
    • keep all members of the team informed as to where we are with a matter so they can update you in our absence.
    • move matters on by giving updates and taking information accurately when given by our clients.
    • ensure that you know what will happen at all stages of a matter.
    • keep clients updated even if nothing has happened.
  • work hard to avoid delays
    • we will work hard on your matter to keep work moving at an acceptable pace.
    • where delays are unavoidable we will keep you informed.
    • we will pass on critical information quickly and accurately.
    • we will ensure that jobs are delegated and/or prioritised to ensure that they are completed in a timely manner.
    • ensure all staff have the right tools at their disposal, skills and direction to work efficiently.
    • ensure practice and procedures are in place to provide an efficient client experience.
    • ensure our clients contact with the firm is smooth – meaning the information gets to the right team/person in a timely manner.
  • contact you should unforeseen events happen
    • if an appointment clashes, if a case event date changes, if we become aware of any situation that impacts a client’s matter, we will update them as soon as possible.
    • if we are unable to make an appointment with you, we will inform you straight away and offer you an alternative or an appointment with a colleague. 
  • ensure there are no surprises on costs
    • provide transparency. Be clear and upfront. Review and update regularly.
  • take on board your feedback so we can continuously improve our service
    • always listen, no complaint/comment is too small to consider properly and improve on.
    • make it easy for clients to give feedback.
    • ensure client satisfaction is our main focus in everything we do.

Your feedback is very important to us. Our Service Pledge is backed up by us asking you to give us live feedback once a month during your matter, to help us make sure we are meeting our Service Pledge commitment, so do let us know how we are doing. We will also ask you at the end of your matter how we have done via a short 6 question survey with the opportunity to leave your comments.

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