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Our Community Focused value commitment is that ‘We are passionate and active in giving back to the communities where we live and work.’

That is why we are proactive each year in asking our staff to nominate charities they would like to put forward for us to vote on, to choose a charity per office that we can raise funds for and support for 12 months.

By asking staff to vote, they are making the choice of who they want us all to fundraise and support, which makes all the difference.

Our fundraising activities include, bake sales, cycle challenges, games such as guess the number of sweets in the jar, fancy dress days, walking challenges and many more.

We also enjoy volunteering to help local projects or community groups and have spent time helping out with activities such as keeping green areas of inner York weeded and tidy, painting and landscape work at a local scout retreat and attending dementia friendly cafes.

We encourage all our staff to get involved one way or another, so they feel part of our Community Focused achievements.

Not only is it great to help our local community, but the activities also bring staff together from different offices who may not regularly see each other and offers a team building opportunity. It feels good to give back and time spent on this can really inspire you when you are back at your desk doing your day-to-day work.