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The ever-changing world of employment laws means we see enquiries from both employers and private clients (employees) looking for specialist advice on employment law on a range of issues - contracts of employment, changing terms of employment, compromise agreement, constructive dismissal, unfair dismissal, disability discrimination, redundancy law, employment tribunal and garden leave.

If you are an employer, Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors employment solicitors will prepare you with the necessary legal documentation to ensure your business is compliant with changing employment laws and we’ll work with you to ensure a happy and efficiently-run business in any sector.

For employees, we can advise on a range of discrimination and harassment issues including sex, race, disability and age discrimination.

Ultimately, our role as one of the North Yorkshire employment law firms is to find solutions for everyone; both the employer and the employee with whatever circumstance they find themselves needing advice for.

We understand the importance of cost-effective legal advice and work with many employers on a regular basis as part of ongoing HR support. Talk to our employment lawyers today for advice.

Our employer services include:

Contracts / Terms

We can assist with new employees joining your organisation and also keep you up to date with new employment legislation and how that might affect your business. We regularly prepare contracts and issue employee terms as well as third party supplier contracts and give advice on employer rights.

Tribunal Representation

Should you require a solicitor to represent you as an employer at a Tribunal, we can offer this service on a cost-effective basis. We will ensure you have the legal facts and support to get the best possible outcome.

Redundancy / Dismissal

When times are tough, we understand that redundancy and dismissal is sometimes unavoidable. We can guide you through the process and help you avoid the associated pitfalls.  This means both the employee and the employer part ways on amicable terms.

For employees, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require legal advice on:


Discrimination can present itself in many forms. If you’re an employee that has suffered any form of discrimination at work, speak to Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors and we’ll provide you with essential legal advice.

Unfair Dismissal

If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed, we can help. Any dismissal issued by your employer which suggests you have been ‘let go’ due to sex, race, disability or age could be a matter to take further and we will offer the advice needed to resolve the case.

Maternity / Paternity Rights

Worryingly, pregnancy discrimination is on the rise and many employees are unsure of their legal maternity or paternity rights. We can provide confidential legal advice to ensure you are not being discriminated against in your workplace.

Written and Verbal Warnings

If you have received a written or verbal warning at work, we can advise if this is a legitimate way to handle the situation and ensure your employer is acting in a legally sound manner.

For all employment law queries, speak to our expert and trusted employment lawyer to get the advice you need.


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