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Managing a charity can offer a great sense of personal achievement as a very rewarding opportunity.

There are, however, a number of legal considerations to take into account when heading up a charitable organisation and one key element is the level of paperwork involved.

Many charities in the UK turn to Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors to assist and advise on the Charities Act and what action they need to take to adhere to changing legislation. The workload for charity managers is getting greater and regulatory compliance is essential.

Richard Watson, charity law solicitor in our Private Client team, is able to confidently assist with:

Annual Returns and Updates

For all business owners, completing their annual returns is a part of life. When you’re a charity, it feels like there is a greater pressure on charity managers to ensure this is completed in a timely manner to avoid the Charity Commission taking action. Completing your annual returns or updates promptly is just one thing – making sure they are absolutely accurate is also key. As another responsibility for charity owners, we can ease the pressure by completing these returns for you.


From an administrative perspective, we can offer our services with reformatting agendas to ensure meetings with trustees are more effective. We understand the importance of getting the key charity trustees around a table to ensure the continued best interests of the charity and a precise agenda can make all the difference.

Charitable Benefit

When setting up or running a charity, there is an importance placed on the fact it must be exclusively charitable for public benefit. There are essential guidelines surrounding this which means some charities have to revisit what they are doing to ensure they are compliant. We can offer assistance with this.


Record keeping can be laborious for any business and managing accounts can sometimes flaw a charity when there are so many other elements to take care of, particularly with the day to day running. We can assist with putting your accounts together to ensure your charity has one less thing to worry about.

Our legal team work with a range of charities in different sectors, offering both regular and ad-hoc services. If you require charity law advice, please send us an enquiry.


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