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Buying and selling dental practices require the support of dentistry lawyers and solicitors that know this field of business - and can advise accordingly to ensure a smooth transaction takes place.

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Our team of solicitors in York, Malton, Selby and Pickering have many years of expertise in advising dental practitioners on how to complete a sale or purchase a new practice.

We cover a range of different scenarios and appreciate the complex requirements of many clients during such transactions.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a steady increase in dental practice purchases. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can rest assured that Crombie Wilkinson’s dental solicitors will help you sort it out smoothly.

A dental client recently said the following to us after the successful completion of a complex dental practice purchase - 
I can't thank you enough for the good news and your absolute professional help. Thank you again. Kind regards Hamid.

The key areas our solicitors can assist and advise on are:

Dental Expense Share Agreements

Many dentists operate in an expense share arrangement with their business colleagues rather than form a traditional business partnership. There are many reasons for doing this and one of the main benefits is that each dentist has their own individual business and set of accounts. With this sort of relationship, it is essential that a written Expense Share Agreement is produced that sets out the agreed basis of the working relationship. It also helps having this document in place if one dentist decides to leave the arrangement.

Partnerships Agreements

An alternative to an Expense Share Agreement is a standard Partnership Agreement. This means both partners own the business together and take a share of the profits. A Partnership Agreement is a vital piece of legal documentation when one partner spends more time at the practice and the Agreement can ensure the profits are shared appropriately.

Shareholders Agreements

There once was a time when dentists were forbidden from trading within a Limited Company structure, however the General Medical Council regulation changes of 2006 meant that many dentists swiftly chose to operate as Limited Company. If two Limited Companies choose to become equal shareholders of a dental practice, a written Shareholder’s Agreement is required to document the fine details.

Dental Practice Incorporations

Incorporating a dental practice can be advantageous for many individuals as it offers personal asset protection. Following accountancy advice, we find that the decision to incorporate a dental practice can be due to tax reasons, but it is also a way to give non-dentists a stake in a dental business. This is particularly beneficial if an outside investment is required.

Dental practice incorporations can be complex if it involves an NHS practice and seeking specialist legal advice from Crombie Wilkinson’s dental solicitors is recommended.

Associates Agreements

We can provide a bespoke alternative to the version offered by the BDA if required.

For legal guidance on dental practices, contact our expert solicitors for dentists today.


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