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When owning a property and renting it out there are many legal factors to consider. Likewise, for tenants, it’s important to know your legal rights when you choose to rent a property in the UK.

As a law firm, our landlord and tenant expertise is available at all four of our Yorkshire branches; York, Malton, Selby and Pickering.

Some disputes are relatively simple to resolve whereas others require more specialist input by our team. We have successfully represented both landlords and tenants in Court.

Areas we specialise in are:

  • Agricultural Tenancy disputes
  • Commercial Tenancy disputes
  • Residential Tenancy disputes

Our landlord services in particular are extensive and we can assist with the following:

Tenancy Deposit Schemes

This government backed scheme was introduced in 2011 and offers protection for tenants, landlord and letting agents. We can advise on the legal implications associated with this.

Serving Notices


  1. 2 months notice under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988
  2. section 8 notices for rent arrears or other breaches of residential tenancies e.g. rent arrears or nuisance
  3. Notices to end Licences to occupy
  4. section 25 notices to end commercial tenancies
  5. section 146 notices where tenants have breached the terms of commercial tenancies
  6. forfeiture of commercial premises

Court Proceedings

We pursue court possession orders against tenants, trespassers and squatters.

Debt Recovery

Our debt recovery proceedings offer the support and advice needed to landlords when recovering tenancy debts.  Our pragmatic advice will help resolve the situation and should Court be the only option, we will be with you every step of the way.

If you are a landlord seeking legal advice over a dispute, or a tenant looking for a quick resolution to an escalating issue, contact our Dispute Resolution solicitors.


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