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Our staff liaison committee

We understand that when working for an organisation that has multiple departments across several offices, it can mean that communication is not always as effective as it should be all of the time and can end up with some staff not being as up to date on what is happening across the firm.

We have a monthly Managing Director update meeting with all the staff and produce and circulate a monthly staff newsletter covering a wide range of updates about the firm, we also have a dedicated Staff Liaison Committee.

Our Staff Liaison Committee (SLC) is made up of staff representatives from each of our four offices and from various job role types across the firm. The SLC has two roles, firstly to make sure that the staff they are allocated are kept up to date and more importantly ask them if they have anything they want to raise for the firm to consider, have they any ideas they want to put forward or anything else they want discussing/reviewing.

Our communication with our staff is very much a two-way process and whilst there is always the opportunity to discuss things with your line manager, HR manager or a Director, our SLC gives a wider platform to have your say.

The members of the SLC are reviewed every 6 months, anyone on the committee who wants to stand down can do so at this point and nominations for a replacement are asked for so that another staff member can join the committee. We ask that anyone who would like to take up a role on the SLC commits to being proactive, positive and passionate about the projects and work of the SLC to inspire us as a whole team to continue to improve.

The SLC also works with our HR and Marketing team to ensure that our annual charitable fundraising and community support work is co-ordinated and carried out.

The work of the SLC demonstrates 3 of our 4 firm Values –