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Our specialist solicitors focus on legal issues around being a doctor or running a GP service in North Yorkshire. Our specialist solicitors for doctors are ready to help.

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Our solicitors for doctors also deal with personal matters and can advise on wills, tax planning, moving home and family law.  Our legal services for doctors and GPs includes:

Succession Planning

Planning ahead is key for any business, and this is no different with GP practices where it is important to secure the future of the practice. Our solicitors for doctors will assist with the legal and financial implications of partners retiring and new partners wishing to buy into the practice.

GP Partnership Agreements

Our legal team can advise on the legal documentation required for a Partnership Agreement and   ensure you are kept up to date with legislative changes. We are happy to review your current Partnership Agreements as well as prepare new documents as such agreements can go out of date quite frequently.

Bank Refinancing

When it comes to funding, our solicitors for doctors and GPs are here to support you through the financing/refinancing process. We can professionally advise on paying out for retiring GPs.

Property Restructuring

If your GP practice is expanding or you’re looking to move to a new location in North Yorkshire or further afield, our solicitors for doctors can offer sound advice on freehold and leasehold properties to keep your business moving in the right direction.


A business merger can become quite complex and with a GP practice. There’s a lot to consider to ensure a smooth transition for patients and the continued running of the practice. Our doctor and GP solicitors can provide advice on the merger of two or more GP practices or the formation of a new corporate entity.

Employment / HR Advice

If you’re increasing the number of practice staff, then the legal side needs to be taken into account too. Our solicitors can prepare new contracts and advise on HR practices such as maternity rights, doctor disciplinary matters and performance management.

If you would like to speak with a specialist solicitor for doctors about any of our services for doctors and GP practices, please contact us today.


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