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Our Platform For Your Business

At Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, we don’t just wait until you ring us when a legal issue arises.

We look after our clients long before then – we want to help you avoid issues and difficulties.

We will work with you to take pro-active steps to reduce the risks that all business and owners of businesses face. That is – we want to bring you onto our Platforms, as we believe this will help you, your business, and your family to avoid disruption, delays, stress and expense later on.

Time and time again, law firms are instructed to help businesses to sort out problems after they have “exploded”. We’d prefer to help you to avoid such “explosions”. We therefore engage with you to close any gaps that may exist in key documents that you use, and to make sure that any missing documents are put in place for you.

We recommend having all the key documents in place and up to date for your business, otherwise costs and consequences could be much greater later on.

This includes:

We look forward to working with you, getting your business, you and your family onto our Platforms so that you can manage the risks that all businesses and families face, and to looking after you, your business, and your family, for many years to come.

Our Business Platform – ensuring key business documents are in place and up to date

To get you onto our Platform, as soon as possible, we offer:

  • Pricing options that bring you certainty as to the cost of getting the protection in place
  • Our Service Pledge commitments at all times as we carry out a thorough exploration of your wishes and circumstances
  • Free secure storage of your documents
  • Regular updates on changes in the law and reminders to you to check whether your circumstances or wishes have changed

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