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Our career progression and performance review programme

Career Progression Programme

In 2019, the management at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors made the decision to offer its staff an exciting new career structure, a clear path from Associate to Senior Associate to Director that is fair and attainable by those who want to develop their careers.

The firm had always offered opportunities for career progression through the performance review process, but felt it needed to go further to offer a structure that was available to any staff member to apply and attain.

Progression on the new career structure entails demonstrating helping the firm grow and contributing to the improvement of the business. It has a transparent structure and gives staff a real opportunity to not only develop their career but also be involved and have a say in the running of the firm for its future growth. Each year, staff are invited to apply for Associate, Senior Associate or Director by the end of February, submissions are reviewed by the management team and successful applicants and their promotions are announced later in the year.

This is a path that is clear, fair, and attainable by people who, –with the right attitude, help us to grow and to change the business for the better. This is open to all people in our business, whether you are a legal adviser or part of the Business Support team.

Within this structure, we want to work with and develop our people so that they and our business are constantly improving.

We will invest time and money in this, and we expect those who wish to pursue a career with us to invest their time and hard work too.

We can and will reward those people who demonstrate to us the right attitude, the right personal and professional qualities, the right abilities, and who make the right contribution to our business.

Performance Review Programme

Every member of staff undertakes an annual performance review. These are carried out in April so that objectives can be set for the next financial year and goals can be put in place that staff can work through as we progress through the year.

These are done in collaboration with your line manager, both having input on what is said and agreed. We encourage our staff to be proactive and see this as an opportunity to discuss their career aspirations so that goals and training can be identified to help them achieve the next step in their career.