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Our Company and Commercial solicitors offers a range of legal services that help get new businesses up and running and keep existing businesses running smoothly in York, Selby, Malton, Pickering, the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire and further afield across Yorkshire and the North. If you are looking to a commercial lawyer, talk to us.

With a strong corporate and commercial law team in place, your company and commercial requirements will be met by a business solicitor with professionalism and friendly, non-confrontational advice. As one of North Yorkshires commercial law firms, we find solutions to problems and work with you to make new and existing ventures as successful as they can be. Talk to our expert and trusted commercial law solicitors.

Your commercial solicitor will work closely with other departments at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, as we have a wide range of services for business available to you including commercial property, employment, commercial litigation, Insolvency, workplace and commercial mediation and debt collection.

We’re proud to say we have been members of the Law Society's 'Lawyers for your Business' scheme since 2001. Lawyers For Your Business is a Law Society scheme that offers small businesses a free initial consultation on legal issues from employment and leases to contracts and finances. Find out more about this membership on the The Law Society website.

Our corporate commercial law team can advise on:

Mergers and Acquisitions

If you’re thinking of merging a business or looking to acquire something new, we will help get you moving from the start with our thorough and highly regarded business advice that has seen many businesses grow significantly from doing the deal right with our legal backing.

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Business Disposals

Planning your exit strategy with a business is a very important step in financial planning and ensuring you choose the right time to make the move. We have helped a wide range of companies take that last step to retirement or simply start a completely new venture.

Management Buy-Outs

For any number of reasons, a management buy-out may be on the cards and you’re wondering how to proceed with this to make it as smooth and successful as possible. It could be that this is the manager’s first time stepping up to this position and therefore it requires the expertise and advice from a solicitor you can trust.

Re-Organisation and Restructuring

Many businesses go through a period of re-organisation or restructuring and often this can be met with both positive and negative feedback internally. We’ll make sure we give you the advice you need to legally proceed with any business restructuring.

Commercial Contracts

If you need advice on creating commercial agreements within your business, we can help. It could be that a joint venture is planned, or you’re looking to have the correct documentation to allow you to arrange deals with your manufacturers, suppliers or distributors.

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Terms and Conditions

For most businesses, a standard set of terms and conditions just won’t suffice. Ensuring your business Term’s and Condition’s and drawn up correctly and tailored to your individual requirements (e.g. staff, suppliers) is essential in protecting you and your business for the long-term.

Setting Up a New Business

It’s an exciting time setting up a new business but there’s a lot to consider. As a start-up, we can offer invaluable advice on how to run your business, get your legal documentation in place and get off to a flying start.

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Partnerships and Joint Ventures

Starting a venture with another party is a great way to fuel your business growth and bring together greater expertise. Equally, a successful business partnership can be a great decision. Before you team up with another party we recommend speaking to our company and commercial legal team to give the necessary legal advice that will protect you and your business shares in the future.

Our employment law services for businesses

Alongside the company/corporate legal services we provide to businesses, we provide a range of employment law services too. From hiring an employee, contracts and handbooks, to advice in discrimination, garden leave and redundancy, to dismissing an employee and settlement agreements. Contact one of our employment law legal advisors.

Commercial and Workplace Mediation

As one of the few law firms in North Yorkshire to offer business mediation services, we strive to ensure disputes are settled without the need for costly, and slow, Court action. We believe that heading to Court should be the last resort and claims should not be issued prematurely until other dispute methods have been explored and explained in detail to you. Business mediation services are one such way to reach a compromise that prevents a dispute escalating down a costlier route. Find out more about our mediation services for business and mediator, Neil Largan.

Debt collection services for businesses

We provide cost effective, commercial debt recovery and legal advice for your business. If you would like more information about how we can help your business bring in bad debts, please contact Neil Largan.

Commercial litigation for businesses

A commercial dispute can escalate to a very stressful and complex situation. We’re here to step in and take the necessary legal action needed to resolve the situation. Contact a member of our team for help and advice..

Company Insolvency

In some unfortunate situations, insolvency administration is a harsh reality. If you are concerned that your business can’t pay mounting debts and legal action looks inevitable, speak to us as soon as possible and we’ll be able to advise on the best approach and the next steps to ensure the severity of the situation is minimised. We can discuss companies in liquidation, company voluntary liquidation, company restructuring and administration pre pack with you. Contact Neil Largan for insolvency legal advice.

Incorporating Charities

There are a number of things to consider when incorporating a charity, as there are different structures to choose. You can be a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), a charitable company or an unincorporated association. If you need help choosing the right structure, we offer charities specialist legal advice to ensure the setup is correct.

Please get in touch if you have a specific company or commercial law enquiry. Our charity law solicitors will advise on the best course of action.


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