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My position requires a great deal of trust from my clients, as family proceedings can be amongst the most difficult times in a person’s life. I pride myself on being a voice of reason, and a source of support during these times; ensuring that clients are well prepared for the potential outcomes and equipped with sound and sensible legal advice.

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Claire Eastwood

What are care proceedings?

  • Posted

‘Care proceedings’ is the general term given to an application made by the Local Authority to the Court for a Care Order or a Supervision Order in respect of a child. If the Local Authority believe that a child has suffered or is at risk of...

Coronavirus and Domestic Abuse - The Risk in Isolation

  • Posted

What if my home isn’t a place of safety? The latest government guidance is a required measure to fight the virus for many, but for some the danger isn’t just outside, it is also in their homes. The Office for National Statistics reported that 1.6...