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Claire-Racheal Matthews
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Dealing with Trespasses

  • Posted

Trespass can be a concern to many landowners; not only does it present a security risk to the property but can also cause nuisance and damage. Trespass may happen in many ways including but not limited to; an individual simply...

Can a business get out of a contract misled into agreeing?

  • Posted

If your business finds out that it agreed to enter a commercial contract based on factual or legal statements that now turn out to be untrue, what can you do? It may be possible for you to bring the contract to an end and to claim compensation for any...

Can I terminate a contract for late payment or a missed deadline

  • Posted

With the coronavirus still disrupting supply chains and causing financial difficulties, it is unsurprising that some trading partners are unable to meet their contractual obligations to provide goods, services, or remittance within previously agreed...

Can I challenge excessive charges imposed for breach of contract

  • Posted

It is not unusual for business contracts to include a provision which requires compensation to be paid, by one party to another, in the event that certain terms are not complied with. But are you obliged to make payment under such a provision where a...

Update for landlords and tenants about the eviction ban

  • Posted

Evictions can go ahead from the end of May 2021. It has been confirmed evictions continue from the end of May 2021 with an eviction notice of 4 weeks from 1 June 2021. If you are a landlord facing difficulties with your tenants or alternatively a tenant...

journey into law and starting a new job in the pandemic

  • Posted

In this blog by Claire Matthews , Chartered Legal Executive in the Dispute Resolution team at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors , she talks about her journey into law as a career and joining a new law firm during the Covid-19 pandemic. She has demonstrated...

Model Tenancy Agreement for renters with pets and landlords

  • Posted

Up until January of this year (2021), the usual position for a landlord and a tenant was that no pets are allowed in rental properties unless the landlord has provided consent, usually in writing and in advance. Whilst this has undoubtedly been...

Update on the extension to the eviction ban in lockdown 3

  • Posted

Latest update for landlords and tenants about the eviction ban. On 5 November 2020 we posted a blog in relation to Landlord and Tenant disputes, namely evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic . The restrictions on evictions were due to come to an end on 11...

What does lockdown mean for landlords and tenants?

  • Posted

Update as of 8 January 2021 - the Government have just confirmed a 6 week extension to the eviction ban. if you are a landlord or a tenant, contact a member of our Dispute Resolution team if you would like help and advice about an eviction. ...