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Adele Holliday
    • Adele Holliday

    • Associate Director, Head of Residential Property team
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Stamp duty land tax holiday extension to 30 June 2021

  • Posted

If you are thinking of moving home , whether that be upsizing, downsizing or your first jump onto the proper ladder, the Government announcement earlier this week to extend the current SDLT ‘holiday’ will no doubt have been music to your...

Help to Buy ISA scheme

  • Posted

Would you say no to some free cash towards your first home? Of course you wouldn’t! The deadline is fast approaching for opening a savings account which attracts a huge 25% top up from the government when you close the account and buy your...

Residential Landlords; beware of planned changes

  • Posted

The government is consulting on planned changes to the way residential tenancy agreements can be terminated by landlords, which would end ‘no fault’ evictions, and could effectively make open ended tenancies a reality. Agricultural Holdings Act...

What to do if you have an invasive plant growing on your land

  • Posted

Would you know if you had an invasive plant growing on your land ? If you were savvy enough to identify such a plant, would you know what you need to do, from a legal perspective, and what you should do, as a preventative measure? There is much...

Planning Change is Welcome News

  • Posted

The Housing Minister has announced recently that permitted development rights relating to agricultural buildings in our rural communities, are to be extended. Farmers and land owners have long been voicing opinions about the complicated, unpredictable and...

Mines and Minerals; do you know your rights?

  • Posted

Minerals are commonly defined as a ‘substance of exceptional use, value and character’. Oil is likely the first which springs to mind when thinking of what may be under your land, but other minerals which could belong to you are...