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I enjoy working with a diverse group of sectors delivering solutions for their commercial property requirements. My work includes sales and purchases of retail units, industrial units and offices alongside lease surrenders, licences for alterations and change of use, and consent for lease assignments.

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Elizabeth Sugden (nee Simpson)
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Terminating a commercial lease: Can you end a tenancy agreement early?

  • Posted

As a commercial tenant, what are your options for ending your lease early? There may be circumstances in which you wish to terminate your lease prior to the end of the period for which it was granted. This can be for several reasons, including if you...

Allowing another person to use your land - licence vs lease?

  • Posted

If you have some land or buildings which are currently unused, you might consider allowing someone else to occupy the vacant area. Even if the arrangement is fairly informal, we always advise clients to take advice at the outset as to the most appropriate...

Renegotiating a commercial lease

  • Posted

News stories about well-known retailers forcing landlords to renegotiate commercial leases as part of a voluntary insolvency arrangement have encouraged some tenants to ask for a better deal. A lease is a formal contract and, unless a tenant is...

Buying a freehold investment property

  • Posted

If you are looking to invest in commercial premises; either as a base to run your business from, or as the start of a property portfolio which you plan to manage and let out to tenants, your two main options are either taking on a lease or buying the...

Purchasing agricultural land as an investment - is it a good idea?

  • Posted

Agricultural land can be one of the most secure forms of investment, as strong interest from buyers and increasing global demand for food has caused land values to steadily increase. There is also a strong attraction to use land for renewable energy...

Building Regulations update - Electric Vehicle Charging Points

  • Posted

New legislation taking effect from 15 June 2022 requires all new homes, construction projects, workplace, and retail buildings to install electric vehicle (EV) charging points. Currently, the UK lacks the electric charging infrastructure which is needed to...

Listed Buildings: what are your obligations as an owner?

  • Posted

Owning a Listed Building comes with some in-built obligations in terms of repairs and upkeep. While there is no specific duty on property owners to maintain their buildings in a good state of repair, your Local Planning Authority does have powers to take...

What are private rights of way over land

  • Posted

Often, access to agricultural land requires a right of way over someone else’s neighbouring land or a private road/track which has not been adopted by the Highways Authority. A right of way is an easement. This is a right for one landowner to use...

Prescriptive Easements

  • Posted

Prescriptive easements are rights of way legislation used in land ownership disputes. This blog will lok at what the legal definition of a prescriptive easement is and how to prove a prescriptive easement. What is a prescriptive easement? ...

Five key benefits of registering your farmland

  • Posted

Unregistered land is land which is not registered with the Land Registry. In order to prove ownership, the owner of the land must produce historical title deeds which are complex and can sometimes be ambiguous. The Land Registry estimates that approximately...

Leasehold Reform - making home ownership fair and more secure

  • Posted

On 7 January 2021, changes came into force which enable leaseholders to extend their leases by up to 990 years without the need to pay any ground rent. There are currently approximately 4.5 million leaseholders in the UK who face paying high ground rents...