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Emily Watson

I want my property back now please

  • Posted

Whether it’s a house, an office building, farmland or other type of property, where it’s occupied by somebody other than the owner, it’s in the interests of both parties that the terms under which it’s occupied are clear and...

Overage agreements if you are selling land for development

  • Posted

Are you selling land that you think the buyer might profitably develop but are not sure how to secure a share of the future development value? If you are selling land that you think is ripe for development, overage (also known as a...

What is a FRI lease?

  • Posted

A full repairing and insuring (FRI) lease is one that places the responsibility of repair and maintenance of the premises onto the tenant. The tenant may undertake them directly or they may contribute to their cost by way of a service charge. The tenant must...