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When you have provided goods or services to your clients, why should you wait to be paid? Bad debtors or slow payers have a negative impact on your business and reduced cash flow can itself lead to business failure.

We provide a professional and cost effective service, tailored to your businesses specific needs, in order to recover your outstanding debts.

There are typically 3 steps to our debt recovery process:

A Letter Before Action

A strongly worded letter from a Solicitor and the threat of Court proceedings often prompts payment from a bad debtor. If we can recover your debt with a letter, you can avoid having to take action through the Court, which can be costly and time consuming. We offer a fixed fee for this service.

A County Court Claim*

If the debtor does not respond to the letter before action, we can prepare your claim and obtain a County Court judgment against your debtor. We will always consider the value of your claim and ensure that the costs of recovery are proportionate to the amount you are seeking to recover. We offer a fixed fee for this service.


Once you have a judgment, this unfortunately does not guarantee that the debtor will pay. There are various ways we can enforce your judgment so that your business receives what it is owed.

If you would like more information about how we can help your business bring in bad debts, please contact Neil Largan.

* in addition to our fees, Court fees are payable upon issue of Court proceedings.


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