Guide to Buying and Selling a House

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We know how stressful buying and selling a house can be, especially if you are a first time buyer. This guide is an outline of the residential conveyancing sale and purchase process. Please contact us to discuss your personal circumstances.

We have been awarded Best Regional Conveyancing Firm of the Year North East & Yorkshire at the 2019 LFS Conveyancing national Awards, acknowledging our high quality conveyancing service for clients. 

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Sellers are required to commission, but won't need to have received an EPC before marketing their property. We can provide you with an EPC, please do contact us for details and costs.

Your sale

Before signing and exchanging contracts:

1. We liaise with your estate agents.

2. We obtain your deeds from your Bank or Building Society.

3. We obtain up-to-date official copies of your deeds from HM Land Registry.

4. We provide you with Law Society Protocol Forms to complete.

5. We prepare and send out a draft contract to your buyer's solicitors.

6. We ascertain whether or not the buyers have received their mortgage.

Your purchase

Before signing and exchanging contracts:

1. We contact the estate agent.

2. We obtain a draft contract from your seller's solicitors.

3. We make a Local Authority search. This reveals information known to the local authority about the property itself.

4. We consider whether it is appropriate to make other searches.

5. We raise enquiries on the contract and legal papers with the seller's solicitor.

6. We liaise with the Bank or Building Society arranging your mortgage.

When all of the above matters are completed, you will be in a position to exchange contracts. A deposit of up to 10% of the purchase price is usually payable by the buyer to the seller on exchange of contracts. Once the contracts are signed and exchanged, a binding contract exists and usually neither party can withdraw without incurring serious penalties.

After exchanging contracts and before completion

You will now have a date for completion. You should make arrangements with your removal firm and with your sellers (or buyers) to have the gas and electricity meters read. You should also deal with Council Tax, water and drainage rates and other utilities you use.

We continue the transaction as follows.

Your sale

1, We approve the final legal documents to transfer.

2. We prepare a completion statement for the purchaser which shows the amount of money required to complete the transaction.

Your purchase

1. We prepare the final legal documents of transfer and mortgage (if needed).

2. We report to your Bank or Building Society and request the mortgage monies from them.

3. We prepare a financial statement which shows the total sum due from you.

A few days prior to completion, we shall arrange for you to sign the transfer documents and the mortgage deeds and provide us with any money needed to complete the transaction.

Completion day

On the day of completion your buyer's solicitors will send the purchase money to us; in exchange we hand over the deeds.

After completion

We arrange to pay the Stamp Duty Land Tax to HM Revenue and Customs and register your ownership at HM Land Registry. If you have a mortgage, we send your deeds to your Bank or Building Society. We will confirm to you that the registration has been completed.

 Cyber crime

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