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Greg Cross

I have left my partner, what do we do now?

  • Posted

Making the decision to end your relationship and leave your partner can feel like a sense of relief for some but for many it also leaves you with a lot of questions about what you do next about separation, divorce, access to your children, what happens to...

What happens if one parent doesn't want child vaccinated?

  • Posted

On 3 Sept 2021, the JVCI updated their information on vaccinating children aged 12 to 15 who do not have underlying health conditions that put them at increased risk from severe COVID-19. When deciding on childhood immunisations, the JCVI has consistently...

Managing plans for children over the festive season

  • Posted

Are you separated and worried about what arrangements you will be able to make with your ex-partner to be able to see your child(ren) over the upcoming festive season? If you have not agreed arrangements for seeing your child(ren) over the festive period,...

No fault divorce delayed until 2022

  • Posted

It has recently been announced that the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, will not come into force until 6 April 2022, and not this autumn as the government originally planned, despite it receiving royal assent a year ago. This date is later than...

Rules for children who live between two households for Christmas

  • Posted

Separated families and the coronavirus pandemic: what are the rules for children that live between two households during the Christmas period? This is a question no doubt that many parents have asked themselves and perhaps has been the cause...

How often will I see my children if we separate?

  • Posted

What are the rules on “contact”? Questions often asked by clients going through separation . The short answer is there are no “rules” in terms of defining a child arrangement contact pattern as every family is different and...

How much does it cost to get a divorce?

  • Posted

Setting out the cost of the divorce procedure is a fairly straight forward issue but it is the additional issues alongside the actual divorce process such as resolving the financial matters and on occasion the arrangements for the children which can take a...

We are married, that means 50:50 doesn't it?

  • Posted

We are married, that means 50:50 doesn’t it? Not necessarily . This seems to be the common view formed by most and a lot of people are now dividing their assets following separation without any input or advice from the legal profession. It is...