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Good Divorce Week 2021

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Every parent wants to put their children’s interests front and centre during a divorce or separation but all too often they don’t know where to turn for help.

That’s why Resolution has created the ‘Parenting Through Separation Guide’ and made it the focus of Good Divorce Week 2021 (29 Nov - 3 Dec). #ABetterWay

The guide is 40 pages and covers topics such as:

  • The end of the relationship – what does it feel like and what will happen now?
  • What should my first steps be now that I have separated from my partner?
  • What are the types of dispute that might arise between separating parents?
  • Your new co-parenting role
  • Extended family
  • Plus much more

You can download a copy of the guide in this link:

The free ‘Parenting Through Separation Guide’ is written by family professionals and contains advice and information to help advise parents on how to put their children first during a separation.

Chris Myles, Head of Family Law, family mediator and Resolution accredited, joins with thousands of family professionals to launch the ‘Parenting Through Separation Guide’ during Good Divorce Week 2021, an annual initiative by the family justice organisation Resolution to raise awareness of how families can separate amicably.

The pandemic has put huge pressure on families and even more so on those who are separating. Every parent wants to put their children’s interests front and centre, but all too often they don’t know where to turn for help and aren’t given the support they need in order to do this.

It’s important for parents to have access to good, authoritative and professional advice that helps them to parent responsibly through their separation. We hope all local separating parents will use the ‘Parenting Through Separation Guide’, to help them find a better way forward for them, and for their children and our trusted and caring family law legal advisors are here to help and support. The free guide is available to any parent seeking help during their separation.

Juliet Harvey, national chair of Resolution, said:

“I’m really pleased to have Chris Myles in York, Greg Cross in Ryedale and Mark Robinson in Selby support during Good Divorce Week 2021. Resolution members like them do really important work in their community to help families separate in a constructive and amicable way. The more families who know about and use the free ‘Parenting Through Separation Guide’, the better equipped they will be to navigate the challenges divorce and separation brings, particularly when it comes to putting children first.”

Here’s an example extract of advice contained within the guide:

Top tips for discussing divorce with your children

  • If your situation allows, try to have a joint conversation when all of your children are present. Keep this age appropriate.
  • Plan a series of conversations, including different follow up conversations, if your children are different ages. Be mindful that their reactions will depend on their age, developmental stage and their individual personality.
  • Reassure your children that it is okay to feel sad or scared and showing emotion is good. They can always talk to either of you and ask questions.
  • Remember you are a role model and your children are watching how you manage this situation. If they see that you are still their parents, making decisions together about them, then they will cope better.

Resolution is a membership association of 6,500 family justice professionals promoting a non-confrontational approach to resolving family issues and campaigning for a fairer family justice system. Resolution members commit to a Code of Practice that promotes a constructive approach to family issues and considers the needs of the whole family, in particular the best interests of children.

Find out more about Resolution and the family law team at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors who can provide help and advice if you are separating and have children.