Farm Resilience Plan

Contract Checking Service and Legal Health Check, called Farm Resilience Plan, to plan for your farm's future.

By safeguarding the interests and wishes of the people involved in the farm, as well as the running of the farm business, you can be assured that these checking services offered by the NFU and legal panel firms will identify the aspects you need to ensure are in place and correctly documented to protect your farm business for the future.

Before you sign any contract you should understand what you are signing up to. To help NFU members avoid the stress and potential cost of unforeseen contractual disputes, the NFU and local legal panel firms offer a range of services designed to provide peace of mind.

The Contract Checking Service is able to review the small print of all contracts - including those drawn up by members and external third parties - with the work carried our by contractual experts within the legal panel firm.

The Farm Resilience Plan service goes further, reviewing all property, business and family arrangements.

This service checks everything from contracts to partnership deeds, land registrations to employment contracts, farm partnerships to tenancy or grazing agreements, business restructuring and succession, Will or family trust arrangements.

The initial legal check, see the Farm Resilience Plan questionnaire, is provided free of charge by NFU legal panel firms (we are one of two of these firms for the North East region), who will then recommend any remedial legal work required.

For NFU members subscribing to the NFU's Legal Assistance Scheme, financial support is available until the end of October 2021 to offset the cost of using the contract checking service or going ahead with remedial legal work identified as a result of a free legal health check using the farm Resilience Plan.

Members using the contract checking service can apply for up to £1,000 towards the cost of having four contracts checked or drafted by us as the legal panel firm (at £250 each).

Members using the free legal health check service can apply for up to a maximum of £500 towards the cost of two legal instructions generated by the health check (at £250 each for members who subscribe to the LAS and apply via NFU CallFirst).  

Listen to Ian Barnard, Director and Head of Company Commercial at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, explain the benefits of the scheme and how it works for NFU North East members in this recording from the Business Resilience virtual event in October 2020 (you will need your NFU login details to access the recording).

To start the process, simply complete and return the Farm Resilience Plan questionnaire to Clair Douglas at our Malton office.

The Contract Checking Service and Farm Resilience Plan can cover:

  • Checking business contracts with other third parties
  • Checking employment contracts
  • Checking written tenancy or grazing agreements 
  • Advice on business restructuring in view of Brexit
  • Guidance on importance of Wills, Trusts, succession planning
  • Advice on lifetime gifts, pre-nuptials and post-nuptials
  • Farming partnerships
  • Contractors and supply chain matters

How it works

  1. Initial free review of your property, business and family interests to assess your position*
  2. Recommendations made to NFU member with costs for legal work to be undertaken showing NFU member discount**

The advice we give will be bespoke and tailored to your needs.

*This may include a farm visit and if necessary a simple written report with initial observations /recommendations at no cost to the NFU member.
**NFU member will be subject to our firms terms of business