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Helping you understand exactly what you’re signing.

In today’s world, we all know contracts can be complex and can often be written in language that can puzzle and confuse us. You may occasionally be asked to enter a contract that you are not entirely sure about.

Seeking early advice before signing on the dotted line can protect you from potentially costly, lengthy and stressful legal disputes in the future. That’s why the NFU in conjunction with its Legal Panel Firms (Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors is one of two legal panel firms for the NFU North East region) is delighted to offer a Contract Checking Service to NFU Farmer & Grower members.

Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors can undertake the work on your behalf by offering our independent professional advice to ensure you understand your rights and obligations, and are satisfied that your aims and objectives are met before you sign the contract.

When can the service be used?

  • When you receive a contract from another party you are planning to trade with or buy from
  • When you wish to issue a new contract yourself for a business transaction you are about to enter into with another party
  • When either you or the other party propose changes to any of the terms and conditions of an existing contract.

How is the service accessed?

Contact NFU CallFirst by calling 0370 845 8458. The NFU specialist adviser will have a free initial discussion with you and can then make a referral to the legal panel firm in your region,  who will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your contract.

Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors will contact you to discuss your requirements and objectives, as well as review the documentation you send to us. We will review the contract and contact you with a fixed quote for the service based on its complexity, value and in some cases, its length. If agreed, the firm will then produce a simple report to reflect your objectives and help you to understand the contract.

The NFU has negotiated exclusive preferential rates for NFU Farmer & Grower members that start from as little as £275.00 (+ VAT) for the report at stage 2 (depending on the complexity and value of the contract). When you balance that cost against what the contract is going to be worth to your business, it is likely to be money well spent.

Special offer ends 31 October 2022.
NFU members who subscribe to the NFU Legal Assistance Scheme can apply for financial assistance of up to a maximum of £1,000 towards the costs of having four contracts checked or drafted by the NFU Legal Panel Firms at £250 each. Normal LAS rules apply.

If you want us to, we will consider the contract in more detail and assist in renegotiating specific terms with the other party and/or advise in further detail what the contract means for your business.

The charge at stage 3 will either be at the firm’s standard hourly rates (with a 12.5% NFU discount applied), or if possible, at a fixed fee that can be agreed directly with us before any work is done.

Please do contact us on 01653 600070 to carry out a contract review so that you can have the peace of mind that the contract does exactly what you intend it to do.


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