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Amy Clarkson
    • Amy Clarkson

    • Senior Associate Solicitor & Head of Agricultural Law team
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Types of farming arrangement and issues to consider

  • Posted

With all the uncertainty within the farming industry in recent times, some farmers may be considering new ideas and opportunities in order to continue and/or expand their farming businesses, whether it includes some kind of diversification or collaborating...

Recommendations for the reform of the tenanted sector

  • Posted

More than half of the farmable land in England is farmed by tenants and as such, tenant farmers clearly play a crucial part in our food production and land management. This has been recognised by a review that has recently been carried out by an independent...

Protecting your land against new or upgraded rights of way

  • Posted

Public rights of way exist all over the countryside and are set out on a Local Authority’s Definitive Map. However, just because a route is not currently recorded on the map, it does not necessarily mean that a right of way does not exist. Surveying...

Securing a good commercial tenant

  • Posted

A landlord's main purpose in letting property is to secure an income stream, so the tenant's ability to pay the rent throughout the term is fundamental. High-profile insolvencies, such as the collapse of Toys R Us and Maplin, show that even...

Your commercial property portfolio - time to restructure?

  • Posted

A commercial property portfolio is just like any other investment - to get the best out of it, you need to manage it well, and sometimes it will benefit from being restructured. The unforeseen impact of Covid-19 on the whole of the UK economy has underlined...

Agricultural Land - The benefits of being registered

  • Posted

A significant percentage of land in England and Wales is still unregistered and a large part of that is agricultural and rural land. Why? Well, agricultural land often remains within the same ownership for decades and land which was purchased before...

Selling your land through a conditional contract

  • Posted

If a developer wants to buy your land you will want them to sign on the dotted line as soon as possible. But what if planning permission is required before the development can go ahead or you need the agreement of your neighbour to release you from a...

Farm diversification projects and animal trekking

  • Posted

Diversification has become an increasingly popular, and often necessary, means of improving the profitability of farming businesses. We are regularly contacted by clients who are looking into various types of diversification, including rural wedding venues...

Do I need planning permission to graze horses?

  • Posted

On the face of it, using a field to keep horses is no different to keeping sheep or cattle in the field, so surely planning permission would not be required to use it for equine purposes. However, keeping horses on the land may be seen as a material change...

Protecting your land against new public rights of way

  • Posted

Public rights of way exist all over the country, enabling members of the public to access a particular route at any time. Local authorities are required to keep a Definitive Map and Statement, which records the rights of way in their area and if a right of...

Is your Biomass Boiler still compliant?

  • Posted

Many owners of biomass boilers are unaware that there are ongoing obligations that must be complied with in order to continue to receive RHI payments. Even if the biomass boiler was installed correctly and you received confirmation of accreditation, you must...

Proposals for Reform of Agricultural Tenancies

  • Posted

The Tenancy Reform Industry Group (TRIG) has published a report with recommendations on a reform of agricultural tenancies. Following this report, Defra has launched a consultation on the proposed changes, which will run until 2 July 2019. The plans put...