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Halting court proceedings against my business

  • Posted

Can I halt court proceedings against my business, if no attempt made to resolve matters outside court first? Where a dispute arises in business, it is always preferable if it can be resolved without the need to go to court. That is why an...

My neighbour has caused my property to flood what can I do

  • Posted

The risk of flooding in England and Wales is increasing year on year and exposing millions of homeowners to the possibility of property damage and the consequent misery that this causes. In some cases, there is nothing you can do but try to claim on...

Resolving a commercial lease dispute in a recession

  • Posted

With the UK economy currently in the deepest recession since records began, disputes between landlords and tenants are beginning to rise as pressure mounts on commercial occupiers to find ways to diversify and slash overheads in order to survive...

Mediation: Resolving disputes less painfully

  • Posted

There is little doubt that becoming involved in a dispute can have a massive negative impact on the wellbeing of both businesses and individuals alike. In the Agricultural and Farming sectors, disputes arise in many ways including between suppliers,...