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New Contract Checking Service for NFU Members

Before you sign any contract, you need to understand what you’re getting yourself into. That is why the NFU is offering a Contract Checking Service to all their farmer and grower members, in conjunction with their Legal Panel Firms (Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors are one of two legal panel firms for the NFU North east region).

We can check the contract for you as well as advise on what it means in terms of your rights and obligations and whether or not it meets your requirements and needs. You can get a professional view on your contract from us as your NFU North East panel firm solicitor from as little as £275 + VAT. To find out more about this new service, please click here

How does the Contract Checking Service work?

The service is split into three Stages Stage 1, 2 and 3. 

Stage 1 This will be an initial discussion with an NFU Specialist Adviser at NFU CallFirst and a referral to the appropriate legal panel firm if you want them to check the contract for you.

Stage 2 This entails the legal panel firm contacting you within two working days from the date of the referral to discuss your requirements.  Following a brief conversation with you and having had sight of the contract to ascertain your requirements and what you are trying to achieve in the contract, they will produce a simple report for you.   

Stage 3 The firm will consider the contract in more detail and assist you in renegotiating specific terms and/or advise in further detail what the contract means for your business.

To find out more about this new service, please click here

Why does the NFU have a panel of approved law firms and why should you use them?

The NFU Legal Panel Firms have been carefully selected for their strength and depth of expertise in farming and growing matters, giving farmers and growers reassurance, as well as providing assistance in other non-farming legal areas such as tax planning, business structures, wills, trusts, diversification matters, conveyancing and many more. 

Our Legal Panel Firms’ high standards are continually maintained. Each and every one complies with Solicitors Regulation Authority requirements, as well as being regularly monitored and reviewed.

The NFU Legal Panel also offers you great savings. Each one of our Legal Panel Firms offers our NFU farmer & grower members hourly rate savings of up to 12.5% on agricultural and horticultural legal services and advice that affect your farming or growing business, as well as fixed fees for specific services such as the Contract Checking Service.

Don’t sign contracts without understanding your rights and obligations.  The above Contract Checking Service could reduce the stress and high legal costs associated with contractual disputes that could be avoided if you seek professional advice before signing the contract.