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Transferring property to your children

Emma Silkstone
  • Posted
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A common concern for many people as the population is now living much longer is what will happen to their property if they need to go into a care home. Naturally, people want to protect the assets they have worked hard for during their life, however,...

Legal steps when diagnosed with a life limiting illness

  • Posted

On top of the heartbreak and worry that a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness can cause, there will be a raft of concerns and uncertainties about your care and financial affairs, and it can be difficult to know exactly how to prepare from a legal...

Government plans for overhaul of social care

Sharon Richardson
  • Posted
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The white paper on social care in England and new cap on care fees brings more confusion to an already confused system. It’s unlikely to save many people any money and does nothing to alleviate the immediate crisis facing social care.   There...

Legal issues involving predatory marriages

  • Posted

Daphne Frank’s devasting account of her mother falling victim to a predatory marriage highlights the need for better protection of vulnerable people who could be targeted by abusers. Members of Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE), the national membership...

Making a Will or giving a gift on your deathbed

Belinda-Jane Poulter
  • Posted
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Living through a global pandemic has meant seeing loved ones taken from us at an alarming rate, and it has been distressing for many to see someone taken into hospital and not know if you might be able to see them again.   ‘ Whilst planning...

Challenging a dubious Will where you suspect coercion

  • Posted

We all have the right to leave our money and property to whoever we please when we die, but the decisions we make must be arrived at freely and without undue influence from family, friends or others who hope to secure an inheritance. Our specialist Will...

Planning for your future care needs

  • Posted

What happens to the assets of an elderly farmer who needs to go into care? Farming families are treated particularly harshly when it comes to payment of care fees. It is common for an elderly farmer to farm in partnership with his child or children, so...

Top Tips around Lasting Power of Attorney

  • Posted

Whatever you decide about your future, it's important to involve a specialist solicitor who will give you impartial advice and act in your best interest. We are members of Solicitors for the Elderly and can help you. Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) is a...

Report on health and care of older people

  • Posted

AGE UK has produced a Briefing on Health and Care of Older People in England 2017 This is a very comprehensive review of demographics, social care and health services in relation to older people. There is also a useful summary of these facts and figures...

Online Guide to Care

  • Posted

The BBC has republished an online guide to care, which details the costs people face wherever they live in the UK. Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors have specialist solicitors who can provide later life advice, including making a Will and LPA's, Long Term...

Data Protection; Get it Right

  • Posted

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has recently imposed fines on several organisations for data breaches: Hampshire County Council was fined 100,000 for failing to implement effective contingency plans to protect personal data when...