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Increases to Probate fees scrapped

Sharon Richardson
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In March 2019 a colleague in our Private Client team reported on the Government proposal to increase the Probate Registry fees required to obtain a Grant of Probate . The proposals were to replace the fixed fee of either £215 (without a Solicitor) or...

Grant of Probate fees

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It is widely acknowledged that cuts to the Ministry of Justice budget have resulted in a creaking court system. The family courts are under particular strain. Cuts to the Legal Aid budget have filled the courts with litigants in person – people...

Report on health and care of older people

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AGE UK has produced a Briefing on Health and Care of Older People in England 2017 This is a very comprehensive review of demographics, social care and health services in relation to older people. There is also a useful summary of these facts and figures...

Proposed increase in probate fees

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There is a Petition available for people to sign to reconsider the proposed significant and unreasonable increase in probate fees. The current fee for all estates is 155. The change mean fees on 42% of estates will increase by 2 to 129 times, payable even...

Online Guide to Care

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The BBC has republished an online guide to care, which details the costs people face wherever they live in the UK. Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors have specialist solicitors who can provide later life advice, including making a Will and LPA's, Long Term...

Data Protection; Get it Right

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The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has recently imposed fines on several organisations for data breaches: Hampshire County Council was fined 100,000 for failing to implement effective contingency plans to protect personal data when...

Have you got an LPA?

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86% of people in the Yorkshire and the Humber are currently living with no control over important later-life decisions around their housing, assets, heath, and care, according to a new report by SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly), the national organisation...

10 reasons to use an SFE accredited lawyer

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The decisions and plans you make now will have a huge impact on your later life. Getting them right is essential. An SFE accredited lawyer is an expert in older client law and will ensure you get the best possible legal advice for your future.  Sharon...