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Is your Will registered with Certainty?

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Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors is the Founder Member for the York area for Certainty. Certainty is a National Will Register and Will search service. It is used by the legal profession, the public, charities and financial institutions to register and...

Have you got an LPA?

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86% of people in the Yorkshire and the Humber are currently living with no control over important later-life decisions around their housing, assets, heath, and care, according to a new report by SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly), the national organisation...

10 reasons to use an SFE accredited lawyer

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The decisions and plans you make now will have a huge impact on your later life. Getting them right is essential. An SFE accredited lawyer is an expert in older client law and will ensure you get the best possible legal advice for your future.  Sharon...