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Marie Curie Free Will-writing Scheme

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Marie Curie has agreed a set fee with participating solicitors to write a simple single or Mirror Will, or update an existing simple Will.

The scheme is open to individuals and couples aged 55 and above. For couples only one person needs to be aged 55 or over. Any complex work undertaken by the solicitor may incur additional charges which will be invoiced directly to you.

The scheme does not include:

  • complex tax advice
  • the creation of discretionary trusts
  • lasting powers of attorney
  • any other complex issues over and above a basic simple Will

Any enquiries to take part in this scheme should, in the first instance, come direct to Marie Curie. Marie Curie will then inform the person enquiring about the criteria of the scheme and they will be sent an enquiry pack. 

The pack will contain a letter listing participating solicitors, a copy of the Marie Curie Gifts in Wills Booklet (this explains the importance of legacies to the work of Marie Curie) and a Free Will Redemption Form that you will be asked to complete.

You can then call one of the Solicitors taking part in the scheme (of which we are one) to book an appointment to have your Will written. 

You are under no obligation to leave a gift in your Will to Marie Curie.

Please be advised that the solicitor who makes your Will as part of this scheme must provide Marie Curie with your name, address, date of birth and whether or not you have included a gift in your Will to Marie Curie. You will be asked to complete a redemption form, stating your wishes to Marie Curie, if applicable.

Please contact Marie Curie for more details:
Kim Smith
Legacy Advisor North England
Marie Curie
Care and support through terminal illness
T: 01254 855 051