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Report on health and care of older people

  • Posted

AGE UK has produced a Briefing on Health and Care of Older People in England 2017

This is a very comprehensive review of demographics, social care and health services in relation to older people. There is also a useful summary of these facts and figures including:

  • The numbers of people aged 85+ in England increased by almost a third over the last decade and will more than double over the next two decades 
  • By their late 80s, more than one in three people have difficulties undertaking five or more tasks of daily living unaided and between a quarter and a half of the 85+ age group are frail, which explains why it is people in this oldest cohort who are most likely to need health services and care support
  • Age UK’s analysis shows there are now nearly 1.2 million people (1,183,900) aged 65+ who don’t receive the help they need with essential daily living activities. This represents a 17.9 per cent increase on last year and a 48 per cent increase since 2010. Nearly 1 in 8 older people now live with some level of unmet need

The complete report can be read at: