Conveyancing Pricing Overview

No property is exactly the same and no client is exactly the same. Our fees will reflect the particular requirements of your sale and/or purchase. For example, dealing with a listed building may, because of the added complexities, cost more than dealing with a more straightforward freehold property.

We have been awarded Best Regional Conveyancing Firm of the Year North East & Yorkshire at the 2019 LFS Conveyancing national Awards, acknowledging our high quality conveyancing service for clients.

Our Conveyancing Fees

Our fees for conveyancing start from £875 (plus VAT at 20%) for a property that does not have unexpected complications and up to £2000 (plus VAT at 20%) for a property with a value of over £1 million. These figures may however vary in cases with special complications or where you have particular requirements.

Update as of 1 July 2021 - It is of the utmost importance to us to deliver the best service to our clients and to be open and honest about what we can deliver. This is set out in our Service Pledge
The government decision to provide a stamp duty land tax holiday means that the property industry as a whole is facing unprecedented demand. We have seen the average time of a transaction increase significantly due to matters outside of our control. The impact of coronavirus nationwide restrictions and the requirement for all to work from home as much as possible means that we are seeing both solicitors and their clients experiencing delays with obtaining things such as:
• surveys
• mortgage offers
• local authority searches
Whilst some of these matters may or may not impact you directly, please remember that other people involved in your transaction chain may be impacted by such matters. 
With this in mind, we are now warning all of our clients that there is a real risk that completion of their sale or purchase before 30th June 2021 cannot be guaranteed, despite our best efforts. 
The SDLT holiday is being phased out from 30th June, and this means that those buying a property which is over £250,000 will have SDLT to pay (albeit at a slightly reduced rate) if completion takes place on or after 1st July 2021.  If you are buying for £250,000 or less, you may benefit from a zero rate SDLT if you complete your purchase by 30th September.   The applicable rate of SDLT will be dependent upon your circumstances. 
If you have any questions about this, please contact a member of our Residential Conveyancing team.


You can see our price ranges, key stages of the transaction and timescales for the conveyancing for the areas below by following the links:

You can also use our online instant conveyancing fee estimate tool.

The fee estimate tool will enable you to receive an instant estimate based on the data you provide about your property sale and/or purchase. This online fee estimate will give you a reliable indication of the conveyancing fees for your transaction and should you go on to instruct us, we will always provide you with an individual cost estimate. We will also advise you of any circumstances which may change the quote, taking into account the actual features of your sale or purchase, so you are aware of the exact costs at the start of your instruction with us.

If the matter does have unexpected complications after the detailed quote and start of the transaction, we always inform you of this as soon as it comes to our attention and we will fully discuss the potential consequences of it before any extra charges are incurred by you.

You can see the legal advisers who work in our Residential Conveyancing Team.