Public Law Children Proceedings

Whenever Local Authorities become involved with families this is invariably a highly emotional and stressful time for parents and families as a whole. These cases often can involve allegations of harm to a child, issues of neglect or parents with substance or alcohol abuse difficulties.

Our team has combined over 80 years expertise in this difficult area of work, ranging from complex cases such as shaken baby syndrome and the most serious allegations of abuse through to Special Guardianship Orders and support to families. We have represented both children and parents in many contentious High Court cases, frequently involving complex factors such as detailed medical evidence or extensive historic allegations of abuse.

We have extensive experience in particular in representing children in Public Law proceedings throughout the North West, North East and North of England. We are always committed to obtaining the best results for children in the course of these very difficult circumstances.

We have one of the largest teams of Law Society Children Panel Adult and Child representatives in North Yorkshire available to assist you. We are here to assist with:

  • Helping at any stage if social services become involved with your family.
  • Advising about and attending Public Law Outline meetings (PLOs) with Children's Services.
  • Advising in relation to child protection issues.
  • Representing you at court if care proceedings are taken in relation to your children.
  • Representing children within care proceedings.

Often, early support from our Care Team can result in the complete avoidance of Care proceedings being issued. Even if the proceedings cannot be avoided or have already been issued, we can support you through these difficult proceedings.

We regularly act in proceedings where local authorities have applied for emergency protection orders, care orders or where parents apply for contact with children in care and discharge of care orders. We also provide advice and assistance where children are voluntarily accommodated or placed in Local Authority care. We are there to support children and parents and provide legal and practical advice that will assist during difficult times.

Please contact a member of our expert team if you would like help and advice.


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