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If you have or are experiencing domestic abuse or have been threatened by your partner, our specialist team of domestic violence solicitors can help you. Talk to a member of our trained domestic abuse team if you want to take action. Our family law solicitors are here to support you whatever your wishes and decisions.

What Is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse refers to a variety of forms of abuse taking place between two people over the age of 16 who are personally connected to each other. This could be through marriage, having intimate personal relationship or as relatives.

Abuse can take many forms:

Physical or sexual abuse: This covers physical actions, as well as violent or threatening behaviour. This can include hitting, kicking, biting, restraint, strangulation, cutting, burning and more. These often – but not always – leave physical marks. It can also lead to death or serious long-term injuries.

Controlling or coercive behaviour: Emotional abuse is bullying or using controlling or coercive behaviour. This type of psychological or emotional abuse can be difficult to spot or prove as it can start small and build to abusive behaviour. The coercive control law in the UK says that the following behaviours can be define as coercive or controlling:

  • Isolating people
  • Depriving people of basic needs or supporting services
  • Spying or monitoring people’s behaviour
  • Taking control of their lives through rules
  • Bullying, threats and verbal abuse
  • Controlling their money

These are just some of the many ways people can use coercive control. Gaslighting is common among narcissists and is often used to try and convince you that you’ve made it all up or imagine the coercive behaviour. If you want to speak to us about controlling and coercive behaviour legislation, our family law team can help explain the law to you.

Financial: Referred to as ‘economic abuse’, it covers behaviour that limits the victim’s ability to use assets and money.

Our domestic abuse solicitors can help

Anyone suffering abuse is entitled to help. Our trained team of domestic abuse solicitors in York are here to listen and support you. We can assist you in arranging to separate from an abusive partner including securing court protection if necessary.

Our domestic abuse solicitors in Yorkshire can assist you with:

  • Able to provide help on a legally aided basis.
  • The only firm of solicitors who are members of the Ryedale Domestic Abuse Forum.
  • A member of Selby Domestic Abuse Forum.
  • A member of York Domestic Abuse Forum.

Legal Aid for Domestic Abuse Victims

You have a number of options available if you are or have been a victim of domestic abuse. The first and most paramount consideration is securing your safety, and we can provide legal advice as to the most appropriate options for you.

Future legal steps will vary depending on your situation. Our domestic abuse solicitors can guide you through the following:

  • Permanently separating from your partner.
  • Taking legal action to keep your abuser away from you, including filing for a restraining order, occupation order or non-molestation order.
  • Protecting your rights to the family home and any other assets.
  • Creating appropriate contact arrangements for children.

If you have children you may be worried about telling people that you are suffering abuse. Talk to us about your problems and home life so we can work together with you and help you keep yourself and your children safe.

Please do not suffer in silence. You are not to blame. Domestic abuse is a crime.


National Domestic Violence Helpline Freephone 24 hr - 0808 2000 247

Domestic Abuse Services -

Scarborough Independent Domestic Abuse Service - 01723 365609

Refuge Accommodation - 01723 365058

Outreach and Aftercare - 01723 355971

York, Harrogate and District, Hambleton and Richmondshire

Independent Domestic Abuse Service - 01904 646630

Outreach and Aftercare - 01904 646036

Selby Independent Domestic Abuse Service - 01757 290040

Victim Support Helpline - 0845 30 30 900

Citizen’s Advice Bureau:

Scarborough - 01723 368710

York - 0844 411 1444

Selby - 01757 701320

Ryedale - 08444 111 444

Whitby - 01947 605157


Scarborough - 01723 368111

York - 01904 631313

Selby - 01904 724300

Malton - 01653 693041

Whitby - 01947 824208

Housing Services:

Scarborough (Yorkshire Coast Homes) - 0845 065 5656

Ryedale & Malton (Ryedale Housing Association) - 01653 600666

York (Yorkshire Housing Foundation) - 0345 366 4404

Selby (Selby District Council) - 01757 705101

Whitby (Anchor Trust) - 01947 603494

Samaritans - 08457 90 90 90

Yorkshire MESMEC - 01904 620400

Men's Advice Line - 0808 801 0327

Elder Abuse Response - 0808 808 8141

Police - 0845 60 60 24 7

The police can protect you by providing immediate assistance and using legal action to bring offenders before the Courts. The Crown Prosecution Service is committed to prosecuting offenders whenever possible and in many areas there are specialist criminal courts and specially trained childcare police officers.


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