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Trainee Solicitor career progression at Crombie Wilkinson

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We are pleased to be able to share blogs written by our staff, talking about their job role, working at our firm and their career progression at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors.

Our current trainees will be moving into their next seats at the beginning of October 2021. We wish them all the best with their next stage of development within these departments. #ContinuousImprovement.

In this blog by Emma Campbell, Trainee Solicitor at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, she answers questions about the next stage in her journey into law as a career and her role as a Trainee Solicitor.

She has demonstrated how our Values (#ClientCentred, #ContinuousImprovement, #Citizenship, #CommunityFocus) are embraced by us in our day to day roles and activity.

Thank you to Emma for sharing her journey so far.

What have been the highlights of your Training Contract so far?
I am just coming to the end of my first seat which I have spent working in the Family department. I have really enjoyed my Training Contract to date. I have been treated as a key member of the Family team and I have been given a lot of responsibility throughout. My time in the Family department has been split in two with four months working in the Matrimonial team and four months working in the Care team. As a result of this, I have been able to work closely with different colleagues and I have been given a true insight into what life as a Solicitor in the Family department would entail. It has been a very busy, but also very enjoyable first seat.

What have been your main achievements in your Family Law seat?
One of my main achievements from my time in the Family department has been the way I have been able to develop my skills quickly.

In the Matrimonial team, we have been experiencing a period of change and the divorce process has now moved to an online portal system. During my time in the Matrimonial team, I was given the responsibility of learning how this new system worked, and I was actively running two legal advisor divorce files through this system (#ContinuousImprovement). During my time in the Matrimonial team, I also assisted the department by helping other colleagues with using the system (#Citizenship). I very much enjoyed my time working in the Matrimonial team and having such a responsibility as a trainee.

Following my time in the Matrimonial team, I then moved to the Care team. Although I was still working in the Family law department, my time with the Care team has involved learning an entirely new set of skills. I have had to adapt quickly and work closely with different members of the team which has enabled me to learn further (#ContinuousImprovement). As a result of this, my time in the Family law team has been invaluable.

What support have you had from the team?
During my time in my Family Law seat and as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, I have continued to work remotely. I have been fully supported by the Family department and I do feel remote working has benefitted my Training Contract. The Pandemic has brought the team closer together and we are working much more efficiently (#Citizenship). I have personally benefitted from this as I have had the opportunity of working closely with colleagues I wouldn’t have previously worked with due to them being located at other offices.

During my time in the Family department, everyone has been incredibly approachable. They have always been on hand to answer my questions and they have been willing to assist me throughout my time in the seat. I have been fully supported by the Family team during my Family Law seat and received guidance throughout. My colleagues have assisted me with my development and ensured that I have achieved the most out of my Family Law seat (#Citizenship).

What has been your proudest moment in your Family Law seat?
In the Family department, we help clients who are going through very difficult periods of their lives. Whether that be assisting them during a divorce, a contact dispute over the children, care proceedings or as a result of them experiencing domestic violence.

My proudest moments in my Family Law seat have been assisting these clients who are going through a very difficult time and helping them achieve the best outcome possible (#ClientCentred). I enjoy assisting and supporting these clients throughout the stressful periods of their lives and ensuring I am providing the best service possible to them. It is very rewarding when a client thanks you for achieving their desired outcome. The work of the Family department ensures these clients are able to move on with their lives and it is invaluable knowing you have assisted them throughout this challenging time.

What can you take from your time in the Family department into your next seat?
I would say the biggest thing I will take from my time in the Family Law department is my ability to quickly learn and develop in a new area. Crombie Wilkinson fully involves you in the team you are working with and as a result, you are actively contributing to the department from your very first day. I can already see how far I have grown during this first seat and I have achieved so much within this short period of time (#ContinuousImprovement).

I will shortly be moving into the Residential Conveyancing department for my second seat. I am looking forward to working in a new area that I have not worked in previously and I am excited to see what the next stage of my training will bring.


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