Family Mediation Solicitors

At Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, we offer family mediation services in York, Malton, Selby and Pickering. We are proud to be one of the few law firms in North Yorkshire to offer this service and we continue to receive positive client testimonials from those that have worked with us.

Our mediation service is called Your Family First and we help people work out arrangements for their children and family finances in a discreet and professional way. With trained mediation specialists in our team, we make sure you take a positive step forward to finding a resolution for you and your family.

Your Family First provide family mediation in York. Although we are based at the offices of Crombie Wilkinson, we are more than a lawyer led mediation service.

At a time when you think there is nowhere else to turn, family mediation could be the answer. If you’re separating or getting a divorce, mediation is a proven way to calmly discuss arrangements with your partner or other family members. Communication is key and our mediators are here to make that easier, without the added stress of going to Court.

Your Family First are experts in supporting you to make decisions that are right for your family. Mediation means you stay in control of all the decisions you need to make. At Your Family First we believe that every family is different and therefore your mediation experience is always unique. We recognise that mediation can often be challenging for families and so we create a safe and supportive environment for you to share your thoughts and feelings. However, mediation is not coaching or counselling and it is not a substitute for these services.

Mediation may be first time in a long time that you have felt able to say what you really think and feel about issues that are affecting your family.  Sometimes when families face difficult times, it becomes hard to communicate. This might be when a relationship is breaking down and can also be when teenagers are trying to assert their independence, or you and your adult siblings having to make decisions about how to care best for ageing parents. Whatever your family issue, we can help.

Mediation is about acknowledging difference then moving forward and seeking solutions that work for you and your family. If you get stuck, the mediator is there to help get the communication going again. If your relationship is ending or has ended, and you have children who are not yet adults, the mediation process helps to come to terms with a new style of communication in your new relationship as parents but not partners

At Your Family First, we encourage you to let go of your assumptions and stop ‘mind reading’. In families, it’s easy to believe that we know what other family members think and feel about certain things and often we are right. However, our experience shows that in many circumstances, this ‘mind reading’ that we all do, is sometimes not accurate. Making assumptions is a normal part of life and it can also really get in the way. In mediation, the mediator assists you by supporting you to say exactly what you mean and also supporting the other person to really listen and hear what you are saying. We often find that both parties are surprised at things they hear in mediation because of assumptions that have been made. Once you are back in communication with each other, making agreements becomes easier.

Your Family First is a dedicated family mediation service separate to the work we carry out in a capacity as a solicitor firm. We adopt a friendly, welcoming and approachable manner to our mediation services, combining our expert knowledge in family law matters. As mediators we cannot give clients legal advice but we can give them legal information and ensure they have up to date information when making decisions. At Your Family First we have Chris Myles, fully qualified Family Mediator, who can conduct private and legal aided mediations.



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