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Duncan Morter

Landlords: Changes to EPC ratings are coming, are you prepared?

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What are the new Regulations? The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Regulations (MEES) set out the minimum level of energy efficiency for properties in England and Wales. From 1 April 2018, it will be unlawful for landlords of non-domestic private...

Refinancing GP Surgery Premises

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Many GP surgeries are owned by the partners. In many cases, these premises will have been used to obtain mortgage finance from a lending institution, possibly to fund partnership retirements, or for development of the practice and its premises. At Crombie...

Succession planning- are you prepared?

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Succession planning is vital for the continued success and longevity of your GP practice. Many GP practice partnerships own their own property. When it comes to partners wanting to retire, and for new partners to join, the question of property...