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Career reinvention in retirement

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A study by Scottish Widows, has revealed an emerging trend of career reinvention in retirement, with almost one in ten (8%) retirees choosing to change careers after they stopped “working” and one in twenty starting their own business. These findings are not driven purely by financial need. They show that entrepreneurialism not just the domain of eager, young go-getters can now be a viable way for older workers to blend stimulating and less strenuous work with exploring their passions and spending time with their families, while they are still healthy and active. It can also be an appealing alternative to trying to source suitable part-time employment. The over-50s are by far the age group most likely to be self-employed and national statistics show a modest increase in self-employment of men and women aged 50 plus in the last 10 years or so. It appears that people in this age group who start their own business tend to be more successful.
(Source: The Guardian)