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Leaving a gift in your Will to Cancer Research UK

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The Private Client team at our Pickering and Malton offices have signed up to the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Free Will scheme. This is a scheme which people can talk to us about and instruct us on at any time of year, it is not limited to a specific week or month in the year*.

Emma Silkstone, Solicitor at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors said, “We are really pleased to be part of the CRUK Free Will scheme and being able to offer this to people in the Malton, Pickering and surrounding areas as we know many people want to support charities when making their Will.

My colleague Emma Morris at our Malton office, Beth Worthy at our Pickering office and myself at both Malton and Pickering can speak to you about booking an appointment with us to make your Will whilst at the same time supporting Cancer Research UK. Contact any one of us for help and advice. Our Malton office can be contacted on 01685 600070 and our Pickering office on 01751 472121.”


The Cancer Research UK Free Will Service

  • The Cancer Research UK Free Will Service enables anyone aged 18 and over to write a ‘simple’ Will through a participating law firm office.  At Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors it is our Malton and Pickering offices offering the service.
  • The solicitor at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors will listen to your circumstances and let you know if you require a simple Will or more complex advice/work when taking instructions. If you require more complex advice/work, we will advise you of this and the costs over and above the free simple Will making CRUK free Will service that we are part of.
  • There is no obligation on those who use the service to leave a gift to Cancer Research UK, but we would hope that when discussing the topic of charitable gifts in the appointment with the solicitor you can make it clear what you want to do about leaving a gift.
  • Legal advice/work outside the scope of preparing a ‘simple Will’ (LPAs, IHT advice, etc) will be agreed with you before going ahead with the CRUK Free Will Scheme and you will be invoiced directly by Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors for the cost of the additional work. CRUK will pay the agreed ‘simple Will’ fees provided a Pledge Form is completed as per their instructions with the solicitor and client agreement using the CRUK online portal.


Cancer Research UK has helped highlight the importance of diagnosing cancer early, when treatment is more likely to be successful. For many common cancers survival triples when diagnosed at an early stage.

Gifts in Wills breathe life into researchers’ work by funding over a third of their life-saving research. Legacies enable long-term research projects that allow scientists to achieve breakthroughs every day. Each breakthrough inspires the next until the day comes when everyone survives cancer.

Cancer Research UK has made a pledge to their supporters. 82p in every £1 they receive goes towards funding vital research like Dr Risk’s / Professor Dive’s, while the other 18p helps raise more funds to support research.

In the past 40 years, survival has doubled in part thanks to Cancer Research UK’s pioneering research, funded by the generosity of their supporters. Cancer Research UK is committed to ensuring 3 in 4 people in the UK who are diagnosed with cancer survive their disease for 10 years or more by 2034. None of this will be possible without the help of their supporters.


Cancer Research UK funds over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK. More than 27,000 people join their clinical trials each year and help develop new ways to beat cancer.

More than a third of Cancer Research UK projects are funded by gifts left in Wills. Whether it’s a small sum of money or a holiday home in Bahamas, legacies breathe life into researchers’ work. They enable long-term research projects that lead to new treatments and continue to save lives for generations to come.

Cancer Research UK’s ambition is to accelerate progress and see three-quarters of people surviving the disease by 2034. But they cannot achieve this mission alone and rely on their dedicated scientists, doctors and nurses, and the generosity of their supporters across the UK. With your help, cancer can be beaten.

You can find out more about the Cancer Research UK free Will service:

To speak to us about the CRUK free Will scheme, our Malton office can be contacted on 01685 600070 and our Pickering office on 01751 472121.

*Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors reserves the right to decide on the number of CRUK Free Will appointments it undertakes annually.