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What to do when someone dies

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When someone dies it is a distressing time for those who are left behind.  Unfortunately there are a number of things that need to be done shortly after the death and you may need some professional assistance.  Summarised below are some of the actions needed after someone has passed away.

Register the death

A medical certificate from a Doctor is needed and an appointment should be made at the Registry office. Information about the deceased such as date of birth, occupation etc. must be provided. It is usually a family member or the Executor who does this.

Organise the funeral

You should make contact with a local Funeral Director and check whether there is a funeral plan in place.

Contact a Solicitor

To establish whether there is a Will and also to obtain invaluable advice about how an estate is administered.  We can provide an initial no obligation meeting to discuss the process of dealing with an estate and provide you with any legal assistance that the family or Executors might need.

Contact us for help and advice. You can speak to a member of our Private client team at any of our offices, York, Selby or Malton.